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The past year has witnessed a change in paradigm for security in the Gulf, with a decreased emphasis on the traditional adversary in the North to a new asymmetrical threat which the GCC and its allies now faces in Yemen. This conflict demands even more from C4ISR systems, with an enhanced need for war fighters to be able to distinguish between military and civilian targets in real-time and the need to effectively share information between the different partners in the coalition without hesitation.

In this new fast-paced environment, there is no time for the delays of proprietary stovepipes and interoperability challenges for the militaries of the GCC. Now, more than ever, the decision makers of the GCC militaries need to implement an effective capacity for interoperability as a matter of critical urgency.

Join us at the 4th Annual C4ISR Summit where decision makers from the GCC and abroad will address the challenges of implementing integrated C4ISR systems and see the future of network-centric capabilities in the Middle East for yourself.

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Why should you attend?


Learn how to overcome the challenges of interoperability and stovepipes in order to effectively integrate C4ISR functions both between systems and nations.


Hear about the future of C4ISR cooperation and information sharing amongst the nations of the GCC.


Learn from leading global experts how best to interpret and fuse data from multiple sources in order to form a better tactical picture and provide actionable intelligence in real time.


Gain a better understanding of how to exploit reconnaissance assets for superior information and reduced operational costs.


Understand how C4ISR is being used as an increasingly valuable tool for use in modern asymmetrical warfare as a tool for both protecting forces and preventing civilian casualties.


Who should attend?


Directors of CIS and C2


Directors of J6, A6, G6 and N6


Heads of C4I


Signals Commanders


Wing Commanders & Squadron Leaders involved in Airborne Reconnaissance


Directors of J2


Heads of GIS


Directors of Space Requirements


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